In our everyday life, whether it is small business or corporate, any type of crime can harm you/your company financially. We trust our fellow humans to the point that something triggers our spider sensors, but we're not dead sure. This can have a great impact in the household/workplace that can cripple your finances and causes a strain in relationships between colleagues.

Corruption, fraud, theft, embezzlement, any IT related crime, etc. is something that must be dealt with immediately and we are here to take you through every stage of investigation to make it as comfortable as possible for you. The information we give you will help you to get to the truth as quick as possible, with as little interruption possible and to stop unnecessary future expenses. Thorough, legal investigations must be done to make sure that no criminal activities are being overlooked.

Included in our investigations:

  •  Third-party or employee exposes misconduct within the workplace
  •  Dishonesty, corruption, mismanagement, fraud, sexual harassment, bullying, illegal or unethical behaviour.
  •  When an entity has a feeling of apprehension or mistrust about a suspicious transaction considering its unusual nature or circumstances
  •  Irregularities in the company that intentionally violate the Group's internal standards or its Code of Ethics and Conduct
  •  Insider fraud. Third party or employees of an organization who are entrusted to manage assets in the company, but abuse or steal from it through           fraudulent activities
  •  Insider information leaks
  •  Exploitation of an employee’s position for personal gain over duties to the employer or organization. Conflicts of interest often have legal ramifications
  •  Copyright or Patent infringement
  •  Financial statement fraud. When statements are deliberately changed to make a company appear financially stronger to deceive a financial statement     user
  •  Dishonesty or fraudulent conduct seen as bribery or corruption


Forensic auditing is necessary to detect fraudulent activities and their complexity. Therefore, we use highly experienced forensic accountants/fraud examiners for our audits to ensure a truthful outcome.

By doing a Forensic Audit, we-

  •  provide all the support you need alongside the information gathered from the audit
  •  believe in a dynamic way of living. Prevent and stop crime before it takes its toll on your company’s financials
  •  assess fraud and management risks
  •  verify and trace your assets
  •  give you the peace of mind to run your business and not worry about corruption within the business