BCI is a South African registered active company.

Providing service solutions for Commercial Industry and

Private Sector, and Security concerns both boots on the ground

and Information, risk and protective services. Developing support

solutions for Commercial Industry, Diplomacy, and International

About BCI Protection Services

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Development within the Sub-Continent of African and surrounds.

We provide professionally executed services to meet the

complex demands found on the African continent. We have

broad range of expertise in working in re-mote, dangerous

and austere environments. We integrate our many competencies

to provide solutions that fit each customer and situation, and bring

a culture of compliance, accountability, and relentless

performance to each program and task.

Our Services

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BCI specialist equipment supply and support is

non-product specific, this helps to ensure high quality

solutions that suit both environment and precise purpose.

BCI applies a systems approach, beginning with the as-

assessment phase, working closely with clients to determine

their specific operational challenges and to specify appropriate

equipment, training, support to meet these needs.

Equipment & Applications

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Who We Are

BCI is a South African owned company established to provide security guards, investigators, loss prevention officers and other security services in the most personable, professional and approachable manner that best reflects your requirements. We are Registered as a security Service Provider by the Private Security Industry Regulation Authority PSIRA.

What We Do

Security Cons & Risk Management

In today’s world, executives are faced with a dynamic threat environment, constrained budgets and a daunting technology landscape...

Intelligence Monitoring & Analysis

There is a need for an independent, objective, totally apolitical capability to provide unsullied, uncompromised and unfiltered data and render sensitive...

BCI Private Security Details

BCI provides both permanent and temporary solutions to best suit your protective requirements; our protection details provide a discreet...

Specialist Equipment Supply & Support

BCI is a South African based nationally active company that specialises in the providing and incorporating turn-key solutions for peace...

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